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Discover how "Sweet" it is to work with one team of experienced professionals who meet your every project need with a passion for perfection. La Dolce Video & Design is a Full Service Advertising Agency located in Marquette Michigan... providing professional graphic design, website design, video production and marketing solutions. Stop in today and see how we can help "Grow Your Business" .

Graphic Design

Certain graphics simply stand out. Others fade into the massive array of marketing your target audience is doused with daily. We make sure your message is clearly communicated, and your call to action is easily identified when we create custom design work for you. But it's not just amazing design skills that will set your materials apart; it's our extensive background in commercial design and marketing that we put to work for you. Our research and understanding of the various demographics ensure your piece reaches and speaks to the audience you're targeting.

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Web Design

With over 13 years of experience in building, designing and hosting websites, we have the education, experience and creativity to take your information and create simple and straightforward or elaborate and complex websites. We will work within your budget to maximize the impact of your product or services on the web, and give you the crucial presence you need today.

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Video & Photo

You have an important story to tell. You have a product, service or message to promote. Before you spend a dime on media placement, let's make sure you have a commercial as unique as you are. Let's make sure it doesn't look or sound like the ad before and after it.

We have over 30 years of video production experience on a national level. It's not quantity but quality however, that we are most known for. We incorporate the latest technology to create the look that sets you apart from the crowd.

Advanced Technology

Aerial Photography

Looking to get that amazing shot at an affordable price? With our Helicam you can pick the shot you want live and on-site. The possibilities are endless.

Aerial Videography

Same old TV spot? Not anymore! Get Hollywood style shots at an affordable price and take control to market this advantage.

Live Coverage

One of the most popular applications for this system is live down-feeds for news stations. Give us a call for any special event you need covered from the air.